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outsourcing trendApproximately 80 percent of hospitals leaders in a new Black Book survey said they were vetting or considering outsourcing for revenue cycle management by 2019 – a worthwhile move in our opinion.

The move to outsourcing is evident in hospitals and inpatient organizations and the expectation is that this trend will continue as more and more healthcare entities are pushed to improve profitability and margins, retain staff levels yet lower capital costs and build operational efficiencies.

The healthcare sector has been greatly influenced by technology and changing regulations and policies. Today, to effectively manage your revenue cycle, you need the services of a technologically adept organization, skilled in the practice of medical billing and abreast of the latest changes in healthcare regulation.

How we can help

We offer a turnkey solution for medical services providers looking to optimizes service delivery. Our objective is to help service providers eliminate non-core functions by taking up the burden for them, allowing them to increase focus on their practice and improved treatment for patients.

Some of the added miles medical service providers gain when they subscribe to our service offering includes;

Cost Reduction: The reciprocal positive effect outsourcing has to your bottom-line makes a good case for you to consider engaging the services of an RCM provider.

Our service allows you to eliminate ancillary cost, and stay compliant with the changes in healthcare regulations and coding systems, safeguarding the privacy, security, and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI).

Value-based care initiative: Optimal RCMS enables you to focus on the things that truly matter while we take up the challenge of making you and your business look good in the eyes of clients and regulators.

Engaging our services means an increase in organizational productivity, increase offering of value-based care initiatives, and an increase in the quality of service rendered to the patients.

Adding Optimal RCMS to your team for full revenue cycle management is making a case for convenience. We offer medical billing and financial reporting service that is second to none. Comprehensive reporting is only a click away.

Improved claim process:

The process of claim management is a thorny road especially for professionals whose sole business should be providing the best healthcare services to the patient.

As of today, most medical service providers have in-house staff members dedicated to processing claims but how effective have these guys been? According to a medical news report, 90% of claim denials are avoidable and almost 60% are reclaimable. In fact, 65% of denials are never even appealed.

These figures are a true telling of the performance measure of these in-house billers. The option of engaging Optimal RCMS will greatly improve the success rate of your Claim process and help streamline the process for greater efficiency.


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