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Is it Time to Change My RCM Company

Are you already working with a billing company but you just feel like things could be done better? How hard would it be to change RCM companies?

Is your medical office as efficient as it can be? Does your medical office:

  • have a dedicated coding, billing and UM staff
  • properly train and educate staff to perform their role correctly and efficiently
  • aid in communication between staff
  • hold weekly meetings to review accounts receivables, collections and revenue
  • have an established workflow for RCM
  • have a process for properly reviewing claims and not relying on technology
  • have adequate EHR, practice management software and office machines
  • accept EFT payments and ERA’s
  • employ enough front and back office staff to cover for employee vacations and sick days
  • stay on top of patient billing
  • complete individual job duties daily
  • worry about what the billing company is doing?

You don’t know what you don’t know. Does your current billing company:

  • verify eligibility, benefits and copay amounts before patients arrive
  • offer full life cycle billing support – authorizations, claim submission, denial and appeal management
  • have an in-house clinical team
  • charge you a low rate because they concentrate on billing and not working the aging
  • handle past-due accounts
  • complete your payor enrollment applications to accept EFT and ERA’s from contracted and non-contracted health plans
  • review payment history before renewing contracts so you can address recurring issues during the contract negotiation
  • fill out credentialing and re-credentialing applications
  • increase bandwidth of your staff so you can focus on patient care
  • have a contact in the office you can reach day or night?

If your office does not meet most, if not all, of these requirements, you may need to invest in an office consultant or medical billing company that specializes in RCM who can help you address problems in training, communication, technology and workflow.

Don’t wait – Every day without the correct processes in place can result in decreased revenue for your medical office.  

The Optimal Revenue Cycle Management team can help make the change worth it and the transition as seamless as possible. It’s easy! Give us a call!


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