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Embracing TechnologyDemands for automation at the provider/IPA level have many offices pushing back on the change.  Technology can be expensive, training takes time away from actual patient care and many providers are stuck in their old ways – having scheduled, verified eligibility and benefits and billing the same way for decades.

Below are a few simple suggestions to streamline your front-end process:

  • APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING – Online appointment scheduling software systems interface with your EHR. They are customizable by doctor, location, appointment type, etc. They can send appointment reminders, reach out to reschedule, send custom messages, send surveys and are generally easy to implement. Many patients prefer a text appointment reminder vs. a phone call.Online scheduling increases your front-office productivity.
  • VERIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY AND BENEFITS – Eligibility and benefits can be confirmed on the member’s health plan website, through, via the health plan phone number or through your EHR. Verifying through your EHR saves time because you don’t have to verify each patient individually and may be available for an additional cost; this feature works for most national plans. When possible, verification should occur before the patient visit. Patients are usually aware if their deductible has not been met and their insurance card should display the copayment amount.
  • COLLECT PATIENT PAYMENTS AT TIME OF SERVICE – Collecting copayments, coinsurance and deductibles before or after the visit is the right thing to do.Collecting after the office visit would be fine if the VOB is completed while the patient is being seen. No patient expects to get something for nothing. Your chance of collecting a payment after the patient leaves decreases. Accepting debit/credit cards or an online payment portal is a must.
  • PATIENT BILLING – Quit billing patients via paper. Many patients would prefer to be billed electronically and pay online or on their smartphones. Accepting EFT and credit card payments significantly improves collections and eliminates unnecessary printing and postage.

Optimal RCMS is here to help. We can reduce your burden of VOB’s and Patient Billing, increase bandwidth in your office and increase your cash flow. Our professional billers maximize every opportunity to bill your primary and secondary payors with quicker claim payments and increased reimbursements. Call (949) 662-1070 to schedule a complimentary 20-minute system review.


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